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HR activities management software


Employee management is an issue that is at the core of the administration of service provision companies.

The Fitnet Manager solution covers the entire HR activities management process:

  • HR records: personnel data, employment contracts, leave meters, bonuses, skills, etc.
  • Entry of the time spent per activity
  • Collection of Activity Reports for invoicing and computing business profitability
  • Management of leave and absences: leave requests, automated calculation meters, leave schedules
  • Expenses: imputation on activities, customer chargeback management, refunds
  • Validation cycles or Workflows: on timesheet items, expense sheets, leave, e-mail notification
  • Validation cycles or Workflows: on timesheet items, expense sheets, leave, e-mail notification
  • Payroll Balance Information: preparing pay slips, connectors with the payroll software

The definition of roles in the application is fully configurable. Access rights are adjustable for each employee: from simple entry of the activity to full unrestricted access.


HR activities management software


Fitnet Manager offers each employee the responsibility for entering their activity reports and expense sheets themselves, pertaining to business or internal activities. The solution allows you to edit PDF and export input like Activity Reports, leave requests or expense sheets at any time.

The input of Activity Reports (AR) or timesheets can be customised:

  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • Time

Whatever the time mesh selected, a setting option enables the management of overtime and standby payments: the employee may then enter past activities outside the nominal hours.

HR activities management software:Timesheets

Management of leave and absence is also automated: employees enter their requests for absences and leave directly into the program.

Fitnet Manager allows you to configure each type of absence separately:

  • Title
  • Period
  • Increment
  • Postponement
  • etc.

Validation workflows can be enabled and configured on each item independently: time sheets, expense sheets, leave and training. Configuration enables you to define: Steps, e-mail notifications, validators.

Validators are notified and recover their claims ‘to process’ in an inbox of Requests to Process.

Fitnet Manager ERP enables speedy identification of employees whose timesheets are incomplete through the ‘input control’ tool. The tool automates employee reminders by e-mail with a single click.

For the automated calculation of case profitability, Fitnet Manager is based on the employee cost calculated for each employee using the data in their employment contract: gross annual salary, number of days worked per year, the rate of employer contributions, fixed expenses to integrate.