online project based ERP for professional services automation

Fully comprehensive Saas ERP Service



The Fitnet Manager teams provide unlimited support from the start of the project and continue until the start of production of customer environments. Fitnet support covers:

  • Assistance with the configuration and parameterisation of the application
  • Access to full documentation
  • Training sessions
  • Enhanced support at startup and during version upgrades
  • Consideration of requests for special arrangements

Fully comprehensive Saas ERP Service


Beyond the startup phase and into production environments, all customers receive ongoing support:

  • Phone support available to all users
  • Support by e-mail directly from the app for any questions or difficulties encountered
  • Questions / Answers Sessions by Web Conference organised on request
  • Access to a Forum open to users


The Fitnet Manager development team is always available to enable optimisation of the solution and enhancement of the tool to better meet the purpose of each organisation. All developments carried out are systematically integrated into the standard application. Each improvement made benefits all users of the solution.
Fitnet Manager is developped every month through the application by automatic monthly updates.

The ERP solution also benefits from a major release version upgrade every year, which contributes batches of ergonomic and operational developments.

Fully comprehensive Saas ERP Service


The Fitnet Manager hosted version aims to free companies from the constraints of server administration. It includes security and daily backup services operated by the professional hosting centre.

The servers have a double separate power source, double network connection, hard drives in RAID and hot swap, housed in a high-end secured computer area.

  • Processor : 2 x Intel┬« Xeon┬« E5620
  • CPU Architecture : 8x 2.4GHz, 64 Bits
  • RAM : 24 GB.
  • Guaranteed rate of connection: 1 Gbit / s.

Directly connected to the fibre optic network, the servers have a quality network meeting all telecom standards. All means are implemented to ensure ongoing continuity of the connectivity service and we are committed to the following level of availability: less than 30 minutes per month of network interruption or an SLA of 99.9%.

Our technical maintenance service includes:

  • OS, JBoss Servers and MySQL Server upgrade;
  • A daily backup of the databases stored on an NAS (Network Area Storage);
  • A database restoration commitment in 24h in case of incident.

Fully comprehensive Saas ERP Service