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Resource allocation planning software


Fitnet Manager ERP software manages all planning processes within Projects and Cases. The allocation of employees to assignments enables you to define:

  • Dates of start and end of intervention
  • The workload or rhythm of the employee
  • By controlling the availability of the employee

Fitnet Manager provides many resource planning management tools:

  • The schedule of the Project or Case: to see who is allocated to the assignment and how
  • The individual schedule of employees: each employee has their own schedule in which they can find their assignments
  • Capacity Planning: calculates real-time availability rate of employees and adjusts the schedule
  • The Gantt chart: simplifies management of projects and their constituent tasks


Resource allocation schedule software


Fitnet Manager allows you to freely configure the scheduling meshes: monthly, weeky, daily and hourly scheduling.

The solution runs on an employee participation mode: employees manage their own data and enter their hours and AR on their own interface. Once complete, the timesheet can be subjected to a configurable automated validation cycle. Timesheets and the Activity Reports can be printed and exported in PDF format. Integrated employee scheduling also includes days off, days of training and non-contractual activities.


Resource allocation schedule software management solution


Fitnet Manager calculates the invoicing rate of employees from their work carried out and projected work to be done. The solution also provides the occupancy rate of the employees, taking into account all employee activities: leave, absences, training and non-contractual activities.

The Capacity Planning Module further provides advanced scheduling functions, with real-time monitoring of the occupancy rate and thus the availability of employees on projects or cases. It manages scheduling simply with a drag & drop operation.

Finally, the Gantt chart enables you to view scheduled tasks in a project, to find resources related to these tasks, set dependencies, consult progress reports at different dates.