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Management software for training


Fitnet Manager provides a specific module dedicated to the management of continuous training, whether this training is intra-company or inter-company.

This continuous training management software covers the following processes among others:

  • Creating and parameterising a training course catalogue
  • Scheduling intra-company and inter-company training
  • Managing a customer and trainees base
  • Assigning trainers and trainees
  • Managing hardware resources: rooms and packages
  • Creating purchases associated with training and scheduling recurring purchases
  • Downloading documents by training (presence sheets, evaluation forms, etc.)
  • Invoicing customers and third party payers
  • Accessing scoreboards, balance sheets and results

The Training Module interacts with all other modules of the Fitnet Manager solution and benefits from the comprehensive functionality of the tool.



Management software on-the-job training


The Training Module is the entry point for steering training. It allows scheduling of training sessions and sharing information with employees: assigning trainers, booking rooms, etc. Data is centralised in the module, which allows precise performance analysis using the tool’s scoreboards.

The training catalogue is an additional tool available in the application. The interest is being able to create and configure types of training upstream. To schedule a training session, you just need to:

  • Select Training in the Catalogue
  • Assign trainers
  • Assign administrators
  • Assign participants trainees
  • Add a training package
  • Book a room


Management software training


Specific invoicing of continuous training is automated in the Fitnet Manager ERP solution. The training management module automatically generates invoices based on the type of training: intra-company or inter-company. By default training is invoiced to the customer but it is also possible to attach a third-party payer to invoice an external funder such as the OPCA.

The management software enables printout of training invoices, PDF export, transmission from the interface and follow-up.

Finally, the training management module enables you to download and export documents by training and/or trainees: balance sheets, assessments, attendance sheets, certificates, agreements, etc.