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Integrated purchase management software


The Fitnet Manager ERP solution enables you to manage multiple types of purchases:

  • Recurring purchases
  • Occasional purchases
  • Purchase of external services

In all 3 cases, purchases can be charged by case or not. If a purchase is charged on a case, then the software knows how to reflect the amount of the latter in charges on the case and profitability calculation.

A recurring purchase can be automatically scheduled through the due date scheduling tool according to the calculation method: monthly load, quarterly load, half-year load, etc. From the total amount of the purchase, Fitnet Manager schedules due dates depending on the method of calculation used. An occasional purchase is created in line with the items in the order. VAT is calculated on the total purchase amount for all items recorded.

Integrated purchase management software

Purchases are structured by types that can be prioritised. The type of purchase enables pre-configuration of the applicable VAT rate and the account number on which the purchase is to be charged. The account plan for purchases and expenses is common with an accounting report of purchases and expenses.

The Purchasing Management module includes supplier management. For every purchase, the tool allows you to edit and export its supplier order form in PDF format.



Procurement management includes purchases of external services. It is possible to generate a normal purchase for an external service or manage the service provision by assigning an external employee to a case. The purchasing module enables you to consult the intervention of these external type employees and to monitor payment of the service provision.


Integrated purchase management software: scheduling and monitoring

A configurable approval workflow helps manage the status and validation cycle of purchases and individual due dates.

The ‘Purchase Monitoring’ menu allows you to search for purchases and due dates at any moment. Fitnet Manager provides an analysis of planned purchases on the ‘Expenses on Balance Sheet’ Report and consolidation by type of Purchase. They are also considered in ‘Annual Income’ which gives an overview of income and expenses.