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CRM implementation, Pre-Sales management


Fitnet Pre-Sales is the Fitnet Manager Sales management tool. The CRM and ERP solutions exist side by side. Activated together they operate in a fully integrated manner to cover the entire activity lifecycle: from prospecting to invoicing and reporting.

The Fitnet Manager Pre-Sales solution can manage all of the prospecting and monitoring aspects of sales actions. Sales records are organised by status based on their stage in the pipeline. They are summarised in a synthetic scoreboard that provides, at a glance, all the important information a salesperson requires: history, active contact, next action, phone number etc.

CRM implementation Pre-Sales management

The CRM tool is fully integrated into the ERP solution:

  • For quick access without disconnection/reconnection in one unified solution
  • To enable real-time synchronisation
  • For reliable information flow

When a prospection operation is successful, the information must be synchronised with the ERP. Prospect sheets are then synchronised with the customer records and the contacts CRM generates in customer contacts in the ERP. Sales records become cases in ERP.



The homepage gives an immediate overview over the sales pipeline, which provides an at-a-glance view of the status of sales records and their progress. Any manipulation can be performed directly in the dynamic prospect monitoring table. Sales records are organised according to their state of progress with the associated colour. All detailed information is directly available and accessible:

  • Folder / Prospect / Contact
  • Salespersons / Communications / Notes
  • Next action / Date of the next action

The sales actions management tool provides the keys for maximum reactivity: salespeople, even the most mobile, have permanent access from any device to all business information and stored documents. Using a simple and intuitive interface, efficiently organising sales actions and monitoring their status becomes childs’ play. The statuses attached to actions enable listing by order of priority, with their progress status shown in colour.

Employee participation mode and sharing information according to each person’s clearances can simplify sales portfolio and salespersons’ management issues and more importantly eradicates situations of failure to process prospects. For their part, managers have access to all information and can identify opportunities.


The development of the CRM tool as a ‘standalone’ application and its interface with the ERP tool has spawned the development of native API. Fitnet Manager expressly thought out this organisation to allow any market CRM tool to naturally interface with ERP and thus benefit from an integrated solution where everything takes place in a unified workspace without reconnecting or rekeying. The integration of both CRM and ERP tools enables the design of a smoothly flowing sales process.