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Case management software


Fitnet Manager is an online software that automates management by case. The tool offers a standard hierarchy, according to the following tree structure:

  • Customer
  • Contract
  • Project (or Assignment)
  • Case (or Lot or Phase)

The case is the main element of management and includes the following processes:

  • Service provision catalogue management, employee profiles and Items
  • Preparation and Printout of Estimates
  • Scheduling employees, Team, BU or external service providers
  • Tracking milestones and deliverables for the assignment
  • Managing invoicing schedules
  • Allocation of purchases and expenses
  • Control of production and expenses
  • Profitability and scoreboards analysis

Fitnet Manager allows you to manage the various ways of invoicing cases: Flate rate, Sale, Time and Materials.

The tool offers the possibility to freely structure its services through the Project level that consolidates several Cases and returns an overview.


Case management software


The Fitnet Manager solution allows you to manage and update the customer / customer contact portfolio, an essential basic element for any case creation.

Management of projects case by case in Fitnet Manager follows a process in several steps: the status of the case can effectively identify its progress and help it to develop easily. ‘Open’ status corresponds to the initial state of any new case registered in the tool but not yet signed. Then the case will change to ‘started’ status, when it is put into production and finally it will be closed.
Fitnet Manager manages the pre-sales phase by configuration ofthe sales status, which correspond to the sales pipeline. The management software package thus allows qualification of the sales progress of the case. It is possible to include the sales pipeline in reporting: taking into account the percentage of progress.


Case management software fitnet


The solution is then used to manage the allocation and scheduling of employees on the case:

  • Initial or contractual schedule management
  • Estimated work remaining management
  • Tracking completed work

The management meshes for schedules are configurable: monthly, weekly, daily or hourly mesh.

Fitnet Manager works in employee participation mode and gives everyone the responsibility to enter their hours in the Timesheet module. Fitnet Manager also tracks the hourly activities such as Standby and Overtime based on fee schedules to be defined.

Fitnet Manager offers several lines of detailed profitability analysis, based on the various schedules. The scoreboard in each case allows for quick and comprehensive control of turnover, costs and unobstructed margins.