online project based ERP for professional services automation

Automated invoicing software


Fitnet Manager automates the case and project invoicing process. The system identifies the invoices to be issued, i.e. due dates, from the indicated data:

  • Projects & Cases: fixed price, time & materials, capped time and materials or sales
  • Activities carried out and entered on timesheets
  • Invoiceable expenses charged against cases
  • Standy and overtime type hourly rates completed


Automated invoicing software

Once invoices are issued, Fitnet Manager offers two mass management functions for selected invoices:

  • Arrangement in a single PDF file for printing
  • Sending as e-mail attachment in PDF format

Invoicing monitoring is achieved through a dedicated module and is based on the status of invoices: Open invoice (invoice to be issued), Registered invoice (invoice issued), Sent invoice, Invoice settled. The ergonomics of the module and the available filters allow you to accurately track settlements and to quickly identify outstanding invoices.

For each invoice, a detailed Production Monitoring report is available.


Automatic control of invoicable amounts enables the management software to secure the invoicing process. The key rule to understand is that Fitnet is constantly searching for invoiceable items against scheduled due dates: invoiceable production or expenses continually and automatically feed a proposed invoice. Scheduling of due dates can be done manually or automatically. Then, you can printout the activity and expenses report in PDF format or use it as an attachment. Thus, no invoiceable product or expenses is forgotten in the tool. Invoices all have a unique single number that is incremented automatically. Numbering can be customised and fits into the continuity of the functioning of the company.


Automated invoicing software: cashflow monitoring

Invoicing management in Fitnet Manager is automated and very flexible at the same time. The editing tool allows you to add items and discounts to the invoice. The invoicing solution also enables:

  • Acceptance of Advances on flat rates
  • Management of credit notes bearing on invoices issued
  • Creation of invoices ‘by hand’ known as ‘free’ that are not necessarily related to a case

For any invoice proposal the system enables you to select the language and the currency in which the invoice will be prepared.