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Resource allocation schedule software


The resource scheduling software is an optional Fitnet Manager module, designed as a central entry point to all projects or cases and employee management functions. It simplifies scheduling tasks through advanced Drag and Drop or Right Click type functions to schedule the intervention of employees while controlling occupancy rates in real time.

Capacity Planning reconciles the activity performed and work remaining to estimate and calculate the availability of each employee in real time. Just click on the employee to know their schedule. The time schedule is a configurable mesh by the month, week, or detailed day by day.

Resource allocation schedule software

The scheduling tool offers Case views to visualise all Projects and Cases throughout the period displayed. You can find a list of employees allocated by clicking on the project or case. It is then possible to schedule employees using Drag & Drop, via the HR Data Explorer.

You can easily switch from one to the other while maintaining the same display settings.

Resource allocation schedule software



Capacity Planning simplifies complex scheduling tasks with intuitive drag and drop features between employees and cases. When planning an intervention, an interactive window opens to check or change the schedule settings: Dates, Prices, Number of days per week, etc.

Capacity Planning calculates the occupancy rate per employee in real time. In employee view, a colour code identifies available or over-booked employees at a glance. It is then possible to get the detailed figures (occupancy percentage, number of days busy, leave, etc.) plus the complete list of assignments. The tool then prevents inter-contract situations and optimises the schedule. The system also calculates the occupancy rate per employee profile and displays the graphic results in the footer taking into account the display settings selected on the employee or case view.