online project based ERP for professional services automation




Our centre of excellence

Since 2008, Fitnet Manager has developed and marketed its ERP management solution exclusively distributed in SaaS mode. Fitnet Manager’s ambition is to offer an alternative to traditional ERP vendors, seizing the benefits offered by the emergence of ‘Cloud Computing’.

A benchmark player in the market for integrated online management software, Fitnet Manager is the first specific skill sector ERP in SaaS. The solution is dedicated to project management and case by case invoicing for consulting firms and service companies.

Without any acquisition cost, the application is available online from any web browser at an adjusted subscription based on the number of employees and the selected operational scope.

Fitnet Manager is designed for intellectual services sectors: consulting firms, service companies, accounting and auditing, studies and architectural firms, advertising agencies, I.T consulting firms etc.

The SaaS ERP that emphasises employee participation

An accessible projet management ERP based on employee participation is no longer a utopia: Fitnet Manager has developed its case by case management solution with the idea that employee participation, which involves the concept of ‘real time’, is the future of management solutions.

If employee participation is emerging today – 10 years after the outbreak of the Internet phenomenon – it is under the impetus of the private sector. By adopting early social networks and gradually abandoning their e-mail, employees fired the wave of ‘Cloud Computing’ within their company.

Participative work is a real lever for savings for companies whose business is to deliver services to their customers, and to ensure development of its management software project, Fitnet saw the writing on the wall. Indeed, condemned to permanent mobility, these companies can now solicit their employees on individual administrative tasks concerning them, wherever they are.


Fitnet Manager is a solution edited by the BSA CONSEIL Company. BSA Conseil is a company created in 2005 with a capital of EUR 130,000 held exclusively by its founder and the employees.

The Fitnet Manager sees a turnover growth of 50% per year coming at 80% from its recurring subscriptions and 20% for complementary services issued on the sidelines of the solution.

For further information, BSA Conseil has also released, since 2012 a SIRH solution for HR management activities in the project portfolio :